Carris Adams' work explores signs and signifiers within the landscape that suggest difference, otherness and value. Through the juxtaposition of multiple works in a space, Adams creates a cosmology that not only references various spaces and people but also how these sites are valued and revalued (socially, culturally and economically). Her most recent body of work includes large-scale drawings and paintings ranging in scale and technique.. Read More>>>

Derrick Adams is a multidisciplinary New York based artist working in performance art, painting, sculpture, music and collage.  His practice is rooted in Deconstructivist philosophies and the formation and perception of ideals attached to objects, colors, textures, symbols and ideologies. Adams’ work focuses on the fragmentation and manipulation of structure and surface, communicating and exploring ideas of self image and forward projection. read more>>>

Within Lisa Alvarado’s paintings, shamanistic tradition collides with a critical inquiry of cultural appropriation and assimilation. The repeated motifs found in her work are often sourced from the history of spiritual and sacred traditions of invisible cultures. Alvarado is a visual artist and member of Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society Read More>>>

Assaf Evron received his MFA in Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently completing an MPhil at The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. Through the utilization of optic and aesthetic theories, Evron considers social structures, political dispositions and economic constructs. A solo exhibition, the sea was smooth, perfectly mirroring the sky, is currently on view at Andrea Meislin Gallery in Chelsea. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Ground Floor, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago (2015); Phantoms in the Dirt, MoCP, Chicago (2014). read more>>>

The Black Athena Collective, founded in 2015 by Dawit L. Petros and Heba Y. Amin is a research and artistic laboratory for experimentation that engages political discourse and territorial logics connected to the African continent. It looks specifically at the architectures of migrancy and the various frameworks of space and territorial demarcations in relation to errant bodies. The collective draws from challenges posed by Martin Bernal’s thesis which questions methodological assumptions embedded within Western historiography.  read more>>> 

Becky Grajeda is a sound artist, designer, and technician based in Chicago. Her works of sound assemblage, multi-channel installation and performance frequently include field recordings of the sounds of machinations and moving bodies and/or experimentations in abstracting vocal inflection, intonation, and intended meaning in speech. read more>>>

Faheem Majeed is an artist, educator, curator, and community facilitator.  He blends his unique experience as an artist, non-profit administrator, and curator to create works that focus on institutional critique and exhibitions that leverage collaboration to engage his immediate, and the broader community, in meaningful dialogue. read more>>>

AYANAH MOOR is a conceptual artist whose creative tools include printmedia, performance, drawing and video. Moor’s work has been addressed in books, Troubling Vision: Performance, Visuality and Blackness, and What is Contemporary Art?  published by the University of Chicago Press. Recent exhibition venues include: Arts Incubator, The University of Chicago, (2015); The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY (2014); The Mattress Factory Art Museum (2012) and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh READ MORE>>>

CHERYL POPE is a visual artist focused in sculpture, installation, and performance. Her work questions and responds to issues of identity as it relates to the private self and the public self. Through her work she seeks to unfold the folds and puncture the surface in order to fracture structures and reveal questions and constraints. read more>>>

Martine Syms is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her artwork has been exhibited and screened extensively, including recent presentations at Bridget Donahue Gallery, the New Museum, Kunsthalle Bern, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Index Stockholm, MOCA Los Angeles, and MCA Chicago. She has lectured at Yale University, SXSW, California Institute of the Arts, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, and MoMA PS1, among other venues. Read more>>>

For the better part of 20 years, Amanda Williams has been consumed with how combining art and architecture might help make all parts of Chicago thrive. Raised in Auburn Gresham, Williams studied architecture at Cornell University as a way to make sense of the spaces she experienced. Amanda practiced architecture for a number of years in the Oakland Bay Area before turning her full attention to visual art. Read more>>>