The Black Athena Collective, founded in 2015 by Dawit L. Petros (b. Asmara, Eritrea, lives New York) and Heba Y. Amin (b. 1980, Cairo, Egypt, lives Egypt) is a research and artistic laboratory for experimentation that engages political discourse and territorial logics connected to the African continent. It looks specifically at the architectures of migrancy and the various frameworks of space and territorial demarcations in relation to errant bodies. The collective draws from challenges posed by Martin Bernal’s thesis which questions methodological assumptions embedded within Western historiography. Through multi-disciplinary perspectives including geography, sociology and history, The Black Athena Collective raises the question of migration as a crucial principle for new conventions of territory. Central to their investigations are the reconstitution of political spaces and the various architectures and forms of reterritorialization.